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What makes the difference is not what you do, but how.

Gamm Srl is a company that boasts over 60 years of experience in the production of articles and accessories molded in thermosetting and thermoplastic material for the most varied use in the industrial field, wherever it is necessary to carry out manual opening / closing, tightening, displacement and adjustment movements.

Our made in Italy invests in both technical and human skills, because a company is not only made of numbers, performance and turnover. It is made of people above all. 

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Sixty years of research and quality

Our history is similar to that of many companies born in the period of the Italian economic miracle. We started in 1958 with a simple hand press, printing small bakelite articles for large enterprises in the territory.
Since then, we have grown, technologies have changed, people have changed, but our goal is always the same: produce excellent products for the manufacturing industry.

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  • Gamm PNB PNBX 01

    Gamm presents the new PNB and PNBX pistons

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Ci sono tanti modi di fare lo stesso prodotto, ma il modo giusto è uno solo. Vuol dire acquistare i materiali migliori da fornitori di fiducia, perché per ottenere risultati eccellenti servono buone basi di partenza.

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Impegno ambientale

L’innovazione è un processo costante, che non si ferma mai e per essere competitivi sul piano della qualità e dell’efficienza bisogna investire continuamente in macchinari e sistemi all’avanguardia.

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