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Why Gamm

What makes the difference is not
what you do, but how.

Listening. Understanding. Promptness.

GAMM is a valuable partner in many sectors. Everything is based on the value of people: listening skills, networking, helping customers and suppliers find the right solution as promptly as possible. This is constantly enriching everyone’s experience, from a technical but above all human point of view.

Our made in Italy invests in both technical and human skills, because a company is not only made of numbers, performance and turnover. It is made of people above all.
Those people that design, produce, manage, care for safety, quality and support the customer thanks to our efficient and capillary network of agents.

What matters is to team up, in and out of the company, as in a large family that brings together all the players in the production chain, so to hear everyone out, share ideas and turn them together into effective and innovative solutions.

The best solution, right when and where you most need it.

Large industries need valuable partners, able to anticipate requests and solve problems with reliable, timely and efficient responses.
To succeed in this challenge it is necessary to be forefront with the companies, to know in depth the various sectors and to face directly with the entrepreneurs, to turn their needs into practical solutions.
Because the best ideas always come from dialog, sharing and cooperation.

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GAMM, the best reference between man and machine

What do they have in common a hammer, an oven and a tractor?
These are very different objects, but in reality they are all tools that involve the use of hands. The hammer has a handle, the oven door and the tractor door both also have a handle.
These are small but vital components, because without them the instrument itself would be useless. It is our responsibility to make them in the best possible way, because it is on these details that we play the success of the final product and the reputation of our customers.

The quality seen through the numbers

Parts produced per year
15 million

Articles available always in fast delivery
500 thousand

Catalog products

Product codes
16 thousand

Area covered between production and logistics
6 thousand square meters

Customers in over
60 countries

Skilled workforce
49 people

4 automated warehouses

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From the origins
to today

Our goal is not about selling products. It is about building trust.

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Full customer satisfaction

We work with the aim of making quality components.

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Careful and certified company

All investments have taken into account every aspect related to the environment.

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