Adjustable articulated and fixed feet for stoves, appliances, kitchens, furniture

For practicality and safety reasons, often the objects are not in touch with the ground, but are supported by adjustable feet, which allow to isolate the object from the ground and to reach an optimal leveling.

With a maximum capacity of 3 tons on foot, Gamm adjustable feetarticulated or fixed – are widely used for stoves, appliances, kitchens, furniture, various kinds of furniture and industrial machinery, but also for vending machines and coffee machines.

To ensure high strength and maximum resistance to stress and wear, Gamm adjustable foot pins are made of galvanized  steel and AISI 303 stainless steel, while thermoplastic bases with fiberglass reinforcement are lightweight and resistant.
For a perfect grip on the ground and great durability, the adjustable feet can be equipped with a non-slip rubber seal.

Knobs and handwheels for stoves

In the stove sector, in addition to adjustable feet, accessories such as knobs and locking handwheels are also essential.

Alsomade with high quality materials, as well as all Gamm products, combine maximum safety and functionality, without neglecting ergonomics and design.

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