Adjustable clamping levers for household appliances

The adjustable clamping levers, consisting of a lever handle and a button for locking and unlocking the opening mechanism, represent a kind of compromise between a locking handwheels and a conventional handle.
They are an extremely useful tool for controlling opening and closing operations in the case of frequent or repetitive movements, or for locking and unlocking mechanisms, serving as a kind of manual safety.

Adjustable clamping levers are used in household appliances and the food industry, but also in sports equipment, workbenches, mobile shelving, hospital beds, wheelchairs, stair lifts, scaffolding, metal stairs, bicycle and exercise bikes saddles.

Accessories for household appliances

In particular, the LRP adjustable clamping lever is an ideal solution for household appliances, such as food processors, thanks to its economy and the excellent performance of the reinforced fibreglass material with matt sandblasted finish.

In addition to the adjustable clamping levers, other GAMM products such as locking knobs (VP), knobs (MC) and handles (MT) are also used in this area.

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