Thermoplastic protections for hydraulics

Thermoplastic protections are an essential part of the safety equipment for many everyday objects. They are small components designed to cover protrusions of metal pipes and potentially sharp holes, protecting both the user and the integrity of the product.

Thermoplastic protections play a central role in every application. They are particularly used in the hydraulics sector: pumps, joints, valves, heat exchangers, plugs, level indicators, covers and for all components of a hydraulic system in general.

These technical articles are also used in industrial machinery, tools and utensils, furniture, household appliances, sports equipment, sanitary products, and toys.

Depending on the application, the protections can be made of thermoplastic, polypropylene, PVC or silicone.

Accessories for hydraulics

Other accessories widely used in hydraulics include locking knobs (VB), hinges (CGP/A) and knobs (PMF). These are items that improve the overall performance of hydraulic systems and play a fundamental role in the safety and reliability of equipment.

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