Industrial handles for small and medium-sized machinery

Handles are essential components for opening and closing doors and small doors, for moving and lifting objects, and for handling domestic or industrial equipment.

The handles, unlike the knobs that have very similar functions, are particularly suitable in situations where it is necessary to apply a large amount of force, as they guarantee greater safety and better control.

Among the many applications, Gamm industrial handles are widely used on small/medium-sized industrial machinery, for example in the ironing sector and on industrial machinery with boilers. They are also used for equipment, pushbuttons and controls.

Made of thermoplastic or bakelite depending on the needs and uses, the handles require a design that guarantees first of all solidity and practicality, but that is also pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, as they constitute an integral part of the design of a product.

Accessories for industrial equipment and machinery

In the field of small/medium-sized industrial machinery, in addition to handles, fixed feet, used as support, knobs, locking handwheels and manoeuvre handwheels are also widely used.

When these components are used in machinery in contact with heat sources, as in the case of boilers, the material chosen to make them is bakelite, a thermosetting phenolic resin obtained from formaldehyde and phenol with high thermoelectric insulating properties.

Again, Gamm products are concevied by identifying the best combination of quality raw materials, functionality, ergonomics, safety and aesthetics.

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