Handwheels for rickshaws, carousels and wheeled attractions

Mounted directly on the control shafts, handwheels are the most practical and effective solution for any type of adjustment on sanitary, sports, recreational or work equipment or to manually manage the opening or closing of industrial mechanisms and machinery.

In particular, handwheels find great application as steering wheels for rickshaws, carousels and wheeled attractions in general, but also on industrial machinery, plumbing systems, work tools, health equipment and sports equipment.

Made with high quality materials (thermoplastic, bakelite or aluminum), they also stand out for their design, ergonomics and safety. The reinforced duroplast handwheels guarantee greater reach, so they are particularly suitable when a lot of force needs to be exerted.

Accessories for wheeled attractions

In the field of carousels, wheeled attractions and rickshaws, in addition to handwheels, the aid of plastic caps, locking knobs and anti-vibration is often required, also designed to be resistant, functional and ergonomic, with particular attention to the design as well.

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