Spring plungers for sports and fitness equipment

Indexing and spring plungers are essential to ensure safety and maximum grip in situations where locking and unlocking are required. They enable greater speed in movement by using less force and reducing component wear in the case of frequent and repeated use.

Spring plungers find applications in various sectors, especially in cases where equipment requires continuous adjustments, primarily in sports equipment such as fitness machinery, exercise bikes, and bicycles. They are also used for stair lifts, metal stairs, beds, and other medical items, as well as tools and agricultural machinery.

Depending on the applications and the strength and resistance they need to provide, they are made of burnished, galvanized or stainless steel, or reinforced thermoplastic with fiberglass.

Accessories for Sports and Fitness equipment

In addition to spring plungers, accessories such as locking knobs (VB and ZP), hinges (C/A), and adjustable clamping levers (KRP) are often used in the production of sports and fitness equipment.

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