Industrial handles: applications

Industrial handles are often neglected but fundamental elements in many sectors, as they are used for closing and opening doors, leaves, hatches, shells and to handle industrial machinery and equipment of various kinds, even where it is necessary to apply a lot of strength. Therefore, it is essential that they are designed in such a way as to ensure solidity, safety and ease of movement.

Industrial handles are used in various sectors:

  • manufacturing: used in machinery, plants, assembly equipment, tools, and production lines
  • food industry/appliances: ideal for equipment in environments requiring high hygiene standards
  • furniture: used in the production of furniture, leaves, and cabinets
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Chemical resistant and easy to clean, they are used in medical devices ensuring safety and hygiene
  • logistics sector: used in trolleys, shelving, and other equipment to facilitate the transport and handling of goods.

Why choose Gamm industrial handles?

Gamm offers a wide selection of high-quality industrial handles, designed to meet every specific need.

The industrial handles offered by Gamm are synonymous with strength and durability. Made of high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring a long service life even in intense work environments. Industrial handles by Gamm are designed to meet strict safety standards, essential to prevent accidents at work. The ergonomic design is also important to ensure comfort and ease of use: each product is designed to offer maximum practicality.

Factors such as the weight that the handle must support, environmental conditions andthe type of use affect the decision of the most suitable model.
For example, the choice of the material of the handle depends on these factors, which are essential to ensure its strength and durability.
Our proposal includes handles in thermoplastic and bakelite (thermoset), but also handles with aluminum tube and plastic terminals.

In addition to a wide range of standard handles, at Gamm we can design custom solutions to meet specific needs. Our technical department is always available to provide advice and support in choosing the most suitable materials, design, and dimensions.

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