Hinges for tractor cabs and farming machinery

Hinges are essential fittings for the operation of cabs doors, doors, hatches, machinery and containers.

In particular, Gamm hinges are widely used for tractor cabs and, more generally, for agricultural equipment and machinery of all kinds. But that’s not all. They are also used in forklift cabins and soundproof cabins for industry.

Made of plastic or metal, hinges are designed to ensure solidity and fluidity, to take up as little space as possible and to offer high performance in terms of capacity.

Most of our hinges are made of PA6 reinforced with glass fibre, a polyamide that stands out for its high mechanical strength and excellent resistance to heat (constant use at about 130°C): so it is particularly suitable for parts that are continually exposed to large static loads, and at high temperatures.

Parts and Accessories for farming machinery

Not just hinges. In Gamm we offer a wide range of accessories for farming machinery: pistons and plungers, lobed and knurled knobs, caps, cylindrical and door handles… all essential items for operating farming machinery.

The farming industry requires the use of parts made of high quality materials that are resistant to the most varied temperatures, atmospheric conditions and conditions of humidity. It is also essential that they are reliable in term of performance, capacity and functionality.

Whatever component it is and whatever its use, our aim is to offer quality products that always offer the best solution in terms of functionality, safety, aesthetics, ergonomics and overall dimensions.

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