Gamm hinges: solidity, smoothness and safety

Industrial vehicles and machinery, agricultural machinery, work furniture and technical products, often have a common element that goes unnoticed but plays an essential role. That is, their plastic hinges, small components that make it possible to correctly use hatches, shutters, gates, cabin doors, containers, and doors of any kind.

A hinge is the point of connection between two adjacent parts that must move within a certain range. Designing them with accuracy is essential to guarantee a product that is solid and at the same time moves smoothly, all while taking up as little space as possible.

There are different types of hinges, each suitable for specific needs and applications. At Gamm we manufacture plastic hinges from the smallest to the largest sizes, whilst always guaranteeing quality and reliability. In addition to plastic hinges, we also produce metal hinges, mainly in Zamak and AISI 316 stainless steel. The choice of material varies depending on their application and depending on the characteristics of strength, durability and adaptability to environmental conditions.

Ultimately, hinges are not just mechanical devices, they provide essential support to the customer as they reinforce their products, to guarantee solidity and safety and to allow them to work properly.

Thanks to our careful design and the quality of the materials we use, our customers can count on hinges that ensure correct closure and smooth opening, to minimise the risk of damage or accidents.

Custom hinges

One of the most interesting characteristics of hinges is the ample opportunity for customisation. Gamm plastic hinges are available in the RAL colours specified in the product pages, and it is also possible to request further colour customisation.

We can also create custom hinges with special characteristics depending on the application and the specific needs of the customer.

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