Handles for professional kitchens, appliances and tools

The handles represent the point of contact that allows people to hold objects and use them in the tasks for which they were designed. Their function is therefore indispensable for an almost unlimited number of applications.

In particular, handles are widely used in the food sector, for example in professional kitchens and household appliances, but they are also found on industrial, agricultural and sanitary tools, machine doors, furniture doors, doors, sports equipment and bicycle handlebars.

Bakelite handles are ideal for the food industry as they combine very high mechanical performance, high heat resistance and ease of cleaning given by the glossy surface.

Accessories for equipment and machinery for the food industry

In addition to handles, other Gamm products find great application in the food industry: for example, articulated and fixed feet (PRST and PRTR), handles (MT, MTR) and locking knobs (VB).

Heat and corrosion resistance, ergonomics and ease of cleaning characterize all Gamm components for equipment and machinery in the food industry.

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