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PB NERO prodotto manopole GAMM
PB NERO disegno manopole GAMM
6131005PB/19 M41910M46 3D
6131010PB/19 M51910M56 3D
6131015PB/19 M61910M65 3D
6131020PB/25 M52517M511 3D
6131025PB/25 M62517M611 3D
6131030PB/25 M82517M810 3D
6131035PB/32 M53220M523 3D
6131040PB/32 M63220M623 3D
6131045PB/32 M83220M822 3D
6131050PB/32 M103220M1022 3D
6131052PB/32 M123220M1220 3D
6131060PB/41 M64120M650 3D
6131065PB/41 M84120M848 3D
6131070PB/41 M104120M1046 3D
6131075PB/41 M124120M1244 3D
6131076PB/41 M164120M1640 3D
6131090PB/47 M104723M1070 3D
6131095PB/47 M124723M1268 3D
6131100PB/47 M144723M1467 3D
6131150PB/47 M164723M1665 3D
6131125PB/60 M86025M8160 3D
6131130PB/60 M106025M10153 3D
6131135PB/60 M126025M12156 3D
6131140PB/60 M146025M14155 3D
6131145PB/60 M166025M16146 3D

For suitable quantities, available also with different measures.

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